SPaCIoS tool

The main goal of the SPaCIoS Tool consists in providing support for the automatic verification and validation of security properties to security experts/analysts. This goal is achieved through the exploitation of several techniques, most notably, formal modeling, abstract attacks detection, security testing. Most of these steps are involved in the design, development and maintenance of systems and services. Hence, the SPaCIoS Tool can be suitably included in these processes.

The SPaCIoS Tool is implemented as a collection of Eclipse plug-ins that integrate the functionalities provided by different components in order to generate complex activities, which mainly consist of the steps for modeling, analyzing and testing a target system.

The SPaCIoS Tool consists in the following plug-ins:

  • SPaCiTE
  • VERA
  • Fred
  • IBT
  • jModex

For more information about the tool and the single components refert to Deliverable 4.3.You can download the SPaCIoS Tool as a stand-alone Eclipse application from the links below or add it to an existing Eclipse installations following the instructions found at the bottom of this page.

It is recommended to use the Linux version of the Tool.
Some of the components for the Windows version are in alpha status.

Download for your platforms

Platform Download
Windows (32bit) – Alpha Status SPaCIoS_Tool_Win_x86.v1.51.tar.gz
Windows (64bit) – Alpha Status SPaCIoS_Tool_Win_x64.v1.51.tar.gz
Linux (32bit) SPaCIoS_Tool_Linux_x86.v1.51.tar.gz
Linux (64bit) SPaCIoS_Tool_Linux_x64.v1.51.tar.gz
System Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu)


  • Eclipse Indigo (already included in the stand-alone platform)
  • JDK 1.7

Add the SPaCIoS Tool to your existing Eclipse installation

If you already have the Eclipse SDK installed, you can easily add the SPaCIoS Tool to your existing installation using the Software Install Manager.

Step 1: Start Eclipse and navigate to Help > Install New Software.
Step 2: Press Add and insert the following location:

Step 3: Select SPaCIoS Tool and press Next.
Step 4: Accept the license terms and press Finish.
Step 5: Accept the following certificates: Aptana Pydev.
Step 6: At the end of the installation restart Eclipse.